Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama, Obama, Obama, What's in the Henhouse?

Paul Krugman
Judd Gregg

Eugene Robinson
Dana Milbank
"Ladies and gentleman, I, Rush Limbaugh, live in Barack Obama's head rent-free." - R Limbaugh
"As an American I am relieved that President Obama is ignoring the howls of political thugs." - Karen Finney

In November, President Obama will be addressing the United Jewish Communities General Assembly, and it will be an opportunity for him to state more clearly his position regarding the Israeli-Palestinian question. Benjamin Netanyahu will announce by this Sunday if he will also attend or not.

The UJC is one of the most prestigious and important umbrellas for Jewish groups, both in America and internationally: "The GA generally features discussions and presentations on aspects of Jewish Diaspora life and Israeli issues. The UJC is the umbrella body of American and Canadian Jewish federations, bringing together more than 500 communities large and small to form the second-largest charity in North America." I expect one of his better and meatier speeches, and he had better not disappoint...

lack of focus, groups...
One of the main problems Obama faces is the public perception of a scattershot approach to domestic and foreign policy, that he is attempting to do too much all at once. In other words, he lacks focus, and that perception may damage seeing several projects through to the end. The Politifact web site keeps tract of all of Obama's campaign promises and how he is doing so far:

Promise Kept        48
Compromise         13
Promise Broken     7  
Stalled                14
In the Works      125
No Action          308

get over it, already...
Ever feel like such a loser when your favorite candidate loses an election? That's because of a drop in testosterone, as postulated by a recent study: "Researchers at Duke University and the University of Michigan, showed that following the announcement of the 2008 election results, male supporters of John McCain and other candidates who lost experienced a dramatic drop in testosterone. In contrast, men who supported Barack Obama maintained relatively stable levels of testosterone after learning he had won.

In addition to the lowered levels of testosterone, men whose candidates didn't win also reported feeling more "controlled," "submissive," and just all around "unpleasant" than men who supported Obama." See? It's not just fear of a black man, it's your actual loss of virility. This may explain Tom Delay getting in touch with his feminine side on Dancing With the Stars, or why Meghan McCain and Liz Cheney are currently more popular than their fathers. God only knows what happens if your favorite baseball or football team loses; actually, it may explain the rash of Viagra and Ciialis ads on the tube... To date, no study has been done on the possible effects on women, I suppose they just divorce that loser and move on...

throw the aussie on the barby...
Time for the White House and Fox News to get together for a beer, so we can move on from this silly non-story. Whenever Rupert Murdoch buys a property, he immediately dumbs it down to his taste, an Aussie every-man sensibility mixed with tabloid mentality. Look what he's done to the Wall Street Journal... unless you hang onto every word that Dick Cheney and Karl Rove ever wrote... When he created the Fox Network, in order to get some ratings, he came up with shows like Married, With Children, a cruder, disparaging style of production that became popular. It has provided the formula for everything else Fox has done, he enjoys inciting people's emotions instead of their intellects, reducing everything down to the level of a 14 year old, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. What was successful for the Three Stooges works well for Glenn Beck. But, yeah, Obama needs to learn to become more aloof when criticized, and not be as petulant as his predecessor was. Once you get dragged down and  become sprayed, the stink will never come off...

And now, a moment of Zen:

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