Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Representative a Member of Christian Mafia?

Fareed Zakaria

"We can bomb Iran, engage it diplomatically, or contain and deter the threat it poses." - Fareed Zakaria
"Democrats couldn't get laid in a house (where people's) sole purpose is to have consequence and disease-free sex with legislators on finance committees."  – Jon Stewart

Onward Christian Mafia Soldiers...
I've been wondering why my local House Rep, Doug Lamborn accompanied Jim DeMint to Honduras to meet with members of the military junta that kicked out its elected president. Our local paper doesn't try to delve too far into the situation, the Gazette merely quoting a spokeswoman from Lamborn's office who said that ol' Doug just: "simply cares about democracy and wanted to see for himself preparations for the country's Nov. 29 elections. The delegation met with the major candidates but not Zelaya." Isn't that special? Of course, Doug doesn't "simply care about democracy;" a member of Congress doesn't do anything without a political purpose behind it. And Doug doesn't have a mind of his own, so he would have gone as a hanger-on, not even a sidekick. I'm not sure how he can turn this into something positive come election time. Normally, you have to drag Doug into the sunlight, he doesn't like to talk to the press, he hates debating his opponents, has ghost writers for all of his opinions published in the newspapers, and never takes the lead in any constructive legislation.

There is a good chance that he violated Federal law and could be prosecuted. Wikipedia states that the Logan Act forbids private citizens trying to influence foreign governments lest foreign policy slip out of democratic control: "it forbids any intercourse "with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government." His actions also run counter to the tenets of the Congressional Sovereignty Caucus, which he was a founding member. Its jingoistic goals are to: "defend the rights of American citizens and the interests of American institutions from the increasing influence of international organizations and multilateral agreements." Stay at home Doug, leave those international connections to the professionals...

Ok, why take such a risk other than to bitch-slap the State Department? My more paranoid imagination can come up with another scenario: Jim DeMint is a member of the Family, an evangelical cult that seeks to cultivate connections with powerful people, especially members of the government. The current leader of this organization, Doug Coe, has referred to it as his Christian Mafia. Whenever they get toomuch in the public spotlight, they change the name of the group and switch real estate. Their current base of operations in Washington DC, a house on C Street where DeMint, John Ensign, Tom Colby, and other Senators have rented rooms, has been abandoned, with mail and newspapers piling up on the porch.

The Family also likes to establish connections with dictators, and its possible that the reason they really went to Honduras was at the bidding of Doug Coe. Doug Lamborn considers himself an evangelical Christian and may also be a member or sympathizer to this corrupting group who tell the powerful members that they are the favored of Christ because they are a Senator, a Representative, a General. If you are a member of the office pool or a lowly security guard, you cannot join the club...

late night political jokes:

"People in Alaska are looking forward to Sarah Palin's memoir. They're already calling it 'The Book to Nowhere.'" --David Letterman

"Well, if you saw '60 Minutes,' you probably saw this. President Obama coming under fire, because he has only spoken to the U.S. commander in Afghanistan once in the last six months. Well, whose fault is that? Hey, if the general wants to talk to President Obama, get a talk show. That's how you do it." --Jay Leno

"Well, actually, to be fair, I thought this was nice, President Obama said he's been very busy lately, but he would be willing to add the general as a Facebook friend." --Jay Leno

"Officials have learned that some Al Qaeda suicide bombers, in an effort to avoid detection are hiding explosives inside their buttocks. Well, this whole thing started because somebody tried to assassinate a Saudi prince last month by detonating an explosive device they had hidden in their rectum. This is real. Luckily, the only person killed was the suicide bomber. But he really had the bomb hidden in his rectum. Here's my question. At what point in the planning of these attacks do they tell the suicide bomber? I mean you got these guys. 'OK, boss, I'm ready to be a martyr. I'm ready to die for my cause. Where's my dynamite vest?' 'Listen, Khalid, we've made some changes.'" --Jay Leno

"Well, a new book is coming out -- oh, boy, this is unbelievable -- by John Edwards' campaign official, a guy named Andrew Young. I guess they were quite close friends. Young now says there is sex tape of John Edwards and his mistress. Well, of course, people are stunned by this. John Edwards letting someone else get in front of the camera? I don't think so." --Jay Leno

"You know, I think it is true, because at one point on the tape, at the height of passion, you can hear John Edwards screaming out his own name." --Jay Leno
"Senator Chris Dodd, who is head of the Senate Banking Committee, is pushing for one super-regulator to oversee all the banks. He said his goal to restore more confidence in the banking system. You know what would restore more confidence in the banking system? If Chris Dodd wasn't head of the Senate Banking Committee." --Jay Leno

"The big news was the Senate yesterday - the finance committee - rejected the Democrats' health-care plan, the one with the public option. Meanwhile, the Republicans are offering their own health-care plan. It's called, 'Stop Crying and Take an Advil.'" --Jimmy Fallon

"If that doesn't pass, they're going to go with, 'Swine Flu Fever, Catch It.'" --Jimmy Fallon

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