Monday, May 31, 2010

BP's Next Really Good Idea That Can Cause Oil To Leak 20% Faster

Paul Krugman

"More and more, conventional wisdom says that the responsible thing is to make the unemployed suffer. And while the benefits from inflicting pain are an illusion, the pain itself will be all too real." - Paul Krugman

I was just going to kick back today and not post anything, then I got angry after reading about the damned oil spill. If it seems like such a calamity from Colorado, I can only imagine the frustration, anger, and rage people must feel as they stand impotently aside, watching as each attempt by BP fails to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. To make matters worse, some dumbass spokesperson for the administration makes a speech to make it right, when they should just learn when to shut up: "The Obama administration scrambled to respond on Sunday after the failure of the latest effort to kill the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. But administration officials acknowledged the possibility that tens of thousands of gallons of oil might continue pouring out until August, when two relief wells are scheduled to be completed.

“We are prepared for the worst,” said Carol M. Browner" Actually, Carol, you are not prepared, not by a long shot. What are you going to be putting down the well to keep the oil from flowing, or are you going to sit idly by while thousands of gallons flow into the Gulf until August? Hint - the answer is seawater. What have you done to start sucking the oil out of the water, what attempts have you made to get rid of the giant underwater plumes of oil?

"The White House said that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar would make his eighth trip to the region and that the number of government and contract employees sent to work in areas affected by the spill would be tripled." Now, what exactly are these bureaucrats going to do? If we see more than one of them standing along the shoreline doing absolutely nothing, can we shoot them? Even though Ken is from Colorado and I feel proud that he has the job, he has dropped the ball on this mess. Can I be allowed to take him by the hand and lead him through what has to be done? If left alone he will surely step in a few tarbabies and track the whole mess through Washington. I'm beginning to think maybe he should retire to his ranch in the San Luis Valley, be happy with the alien visitors and cattle mutilations - they are a piece of cake next to the Minerals and Mining Management department.

And then there was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, complaining in a state of near panic that the federal government's response has been too slow, and whining and complaining that it was their fault he and his state government haven't done diddly-squat to prevent oil from coming ashore. Oh, sure, there were lots of things he could have done, if he only took some iniative: “We need our federal government exactly for this kind of crisis. I think there could have been a greater sense of urgency.” Another Republican hypocrite who freezes like a deer in the headlights. Maybe we need to pass out the manual on what to do in a crisis to all new governors, too...

Here's a diagram of what BP proposes to try next Tuesday. Because they are going to cut the pipe, if it doesn't work, oil will flow at a 20% faster rate than before... click on the graphic to have it blown up to full size.

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