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Tom Tancredo's Gun Ballot , Canada - India Nuke Deal, Your Own Personal Jesus

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"By mocking the idea of lawful behavior, legalization of medical marijuana may be more socially destructive than full legalization." - George Will
"As long as Austinites keep decorating their bodies and cars, we’re going to be fine.” - local yokel

Tancredo Watch...
I must confess that I enjoy news about Tom Tancredo. He is Colorado's answer to Bozo the Clown, and his limited worldview never fails to delight: "Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo has proposed a 2010 ballot measure that would recommend to Colorado's top elected officials that they oppose gun restrictions. The Jefferson County Republican said he was prompted to act because the Obama administration has announced its intent to participate in negotiations on an international arms- trade treaty. The treaty would regulate international trade — not domestic sales — but Tancredo argued Friday that gun owners had a right to be concerned.

"It's a pretty slippery step to gun confiscation," he said."

Ahh, yes, that old slippery slope, a derogatory phrase that Tome picked up from the Vietnam era during his formative years developing his racist thoughts against immigrants... :-)  So what if his proposed ballot measure is frivolous and would be thrown out of court, or if it was a meaningless act that we would get to vote on next election? It's an expression of his opinion, and we could send this message to Washington, that we want our AK-47's! If some Afghan peasant can grow enough opium poppies to buy one, why can't we spend our proceeds from growing medical marijuana on the international arms of our choice?

Which reminds me of a story I want to tell as an interlude. My youngest brother at one time wanted to be a Bounty Hunter. This was in a time before the Dog. He trained with the guy who was the model for the television show, The Fall Guy, who was both a bounty hunter and a stunt actor. I fondly recall the time my brother drunkenly called me up and was so proud that he successfully made it that day by being set on fire... Anyway, my brother had a Mossberg shotgun that was in my father's gun cabinet that I found after my father passed away. My brother had died a few years previously after my other brother went to visit him and played with his new medication. I put the shotgun in the trunk of my car and drove from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs. When my brother-in-law helped move it from the closet where it was being stored, we found out that it was still loaded and had the trigger shaved down; it went off and damned near killed my brother-in-law and blew a hole through the side of my townhouse. I felt so stupid assuming that my dad would keep it unloaded for so many years, and for not checking it before I moved. At any moment I could have hit a bump and blown a hole through the trunk of my car and maybe hit someone else... So I had sympathy for Dick Cheney when he forgot basic safety and shot his friend in the face.

Anyway, the local Republicans want to show a united front for the next election for Governor against Bill Ritter. They convinced all other Republican candidates to drop out of the race, so money wouldn't be spent on a primary election. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong candidate, and he will probably lose. Tom Tancredo was throwing it out to the wind that he wanted to run for Governor anyway, but someone, or group of someones, actually got him to listen to reason and he, too, dropped his informal quest. It's part of a national strategy to show a united front and save money because politics has become so expensive. especially once you start running negative ads and commercials... The only ones who seem not to be onboard with this strategy are the tea-party conservatives, you betcha... On the national level, look for a presidential slate of Dick Cheney and Gen Stanley McChrystal...

from our friends up north...
Ok, we knew that Iran was going to respond to the international nuclear committee's condemnation of their program by upping the ante, saying that they were building ten more enrichment sites. That may be the number of secret installations they have squirreled around their country, and they are giving us info in the guise of protesting.

But more interesting, was that while India came to the US for recognition and to be feted at a state dinner, they also went to Canada to buy nuclear technology: "...the agreement would allow Canadian firms to export and import controlled nuclear materials, equipment and technology to and from India." So, we develop the technology, sell it to the Canadians, then let India make a backdoor deal to obtain that technology. Next, because India will have it, Pakistan will have to buy it, too, to keep up with their dreaded enemy. This may explain why Pakistan's President transferred the power to be in charge of their nuclear arsenal to the Prime Minister, and will also be giving up some powers that were bestowed to the former leader, Pervez Musharraf. If they make nice, they will get new toys to celebrate the end of the hajj...

India acted pretty fast, having just had an international ban on them restricting selling them nuclear material, that had lasted 30 years, lifted in September. India still hasn't signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. They have a lot of catching up to do...

Sunday Special: Your Own Personal Jesus:

A Massachusetts woman who recently separated from her husband and had her hours cut at work says an image of Jesus Christ she sees on her iron has reassured her that "life is going to be good."

Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who's there

Your own personal Jesus...

Feeling unknown
And you're all alone
Flesh and bone
By the telephone
Lift up the receiver
I'll make you a believer

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