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Iran Arrests More Protesters, Olympic Memories, Muslim Mafia

Naveed Ali Shah
Sallem Ali, Parag Khanna

"Neither a "surge" of troops and aid in Afghanistan, nor negotiations over Iran's nuclear program without addressing its regional isolation, will bring Central Asia much closer to stability"  - Ali & Khanna

When Iran celebrated Great Satan Day, or the storming of the American Embassy in 1979, there were thousands of green movement protesters taking to the streets. The government arrested 109 more people to torture and abuse while in jail. Makes any claims of American treatment of prisoners pale in comparison: "The 109 people were on the fringes of an opposition-organised demonstration when they were detained. Security spokesman Azizollah Rajabzadeh said 62 are due to face trial while the others were released after questioning.

The opposition has taken to the tactic of using the relative safety of officially-sanctioned demonstrations to come out in big numbers and turn the official rallies into a show of force of its own, with different and opposing slogans... Witnesses told the BBC the security forces had used tear gas and batons. The Iranian government defended the response, saying that the protests had been illegal. Opposition supporters say the elections were rigged to ensure the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

At least 30 protesters have been killed in clashes since the elections. Thousands have been arrested, and some 200 opposition activists remain behind bars. Three have been sentenced to death."

I was thinking how weird it was to make up a national holiday celebrating such things as doing harm to other people, it smacks of the "revolutionary" holidays created by the Communist regimes. But then I realized that its no weirder than celebrating the Boston Tea Party by taping tea bags to your head, or naming a Saint after a man said to have killed all of the snakes in Ireland... And since I sympathize with the Iranian protesters and agree that there was massive election fraud that was badly covered up, I hate these reports of beatings and arrests and trumped up trials. I also accept the irony of being angry at every foreign case of fraud, but have a blind eye to the fraud that takes place here in the US, where even the Supreme Court legitimized it...

those golden olympic memories...

But first, the good news out of China is that they will no longer beat up teenagerss as therapy for addiction to the world wide web: "There are dozens of treatment centres offering to wean youths, mostly boys, from spending hours on the web. Many of them are military-style boot camps that rely on tough programmes of physical exercise and counseling. Two boys were beaten at separate camps earlier this year, one died and the other was severely injured." Electroshock was also used unti this past July. I'm so glad that I developed my web addiction while I was an adult. Just the same, I'm going to discourage my family from reading this post...

One of the proud Olympic tradition since 1992 has been the distribution of free condoms. A Chinese sports collector: "When the Olympics hosted by Beijing ended, a collector snapped up the 5,000 condoms left over from the 100,000 distributed free to athletes. Each condom wrapper carries the motto of the Beijing Games - faster, higher, stronger - in English and Chinese." I'm not sure if these are listed on ebay, I looked through a lot of collectibles, from Ralph Lauren warmup jackets to gold medals that were not given out, to used meal tickets and press passes, but no condoms. Previous Olympics ran out of their free supplies to the horny athletes, and China had hospitality hostesses passing them out, and, I guess, making sure that they were used properly. Preparing for the next generation of super-athletes?

The ignorant backlash against American Muslims is beginning just as I predicted yesterday: "Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC), who wrote the foreword to Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America, said today she is "very concerned" about infiltration of the military by jihadists.

"We can't continue to be so politically correct that we're going to say this wasn't religiously motivated," Myrick told the Charlotte, North Carolina, CBS affiliate" Sue is one of those trying to get Congress to investigate all Muslims employed by the government. Muslims have served in the US military ever since the Revolutionary War, and there are currently over 20,000 currently serving in our armed forces.
"Political correctness is the handmaiden of terror." - Michelle Malkin

Even Colorado's own former Representative, Tom Tancredo, who hates all immigrants, ghost wrote an opinion piece in the Denver Post before the Hasan shootings at Fort Hood: "The recent indictment and arrest of Aurora resident and Afghanistan immigrant Najibullah Zazi on terrorism charges has again put a spotlight on the problem of Islamic radicals plotting acts of violence. But a book released this past week raises the question of whether our nation's response to the terrorist threat is being deliberately undermined by U.S.-based organizations whose mission is the eventual Islamization of America.

"Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America," was released Oct. 15 and is already gaining attention from national lawmakers. Four members of Congress have asked the House sergeant-at-arms to investigate allegations in the book of double agents placed inside Congress by the Council for American-Islamic Relations." Granted, it's nothing more than a book review of a book published by World Net Daily, where they make up their own news and headlines. Tom never served in the armed forces, he got a deferment for being too depressed, good thing he never got too far in his Presidential campaign... The four Congressmen have been ignored by the House sergeant-at-arms and ridiculed as being paranoid. Unfortunately, paranoia feeds upon itself, growing larger within a person after each critique or ridicule, and transmits itself like viruses to the next person and the next person... Let the hate begin:

Muslim radicals call Hasan
'Officer and a Gentleman'

Fort Hood massacre
Do you believe the attack was an act of terrorism?

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Shooter advised Obama transition
Fort Hood triggerman aided team on Homeland Security task force

Obama's response to shooting under scrutiny
Called 'a reflection of his inability to be presidential'
--Fox News

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Military jihadists fill 'every branch'
Ultimate 5th column penetration, warns best-selling 'Muslim Mafia'

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Retired officer says Army 'missed the boat'
Warns that 'markers' of unstable soldiers need to be watched

Gen. Casey: 'This is 1 person out of an army of a million'
Praised 'medics who were running in their caps and gowns' to help those in need
--ABC News

Why the left loves tyrants, terrorists – $4.95 today only!
Save $21 on Jamie Glazov's acclaimed exposé 'United in Hate'

Report: Shooter pushed Islam on patients
Co-worker says Nidal Hasan was disciplined for proselytizing

U.S. imam: 'Islam not responsible' for massacre
'We pray for everybody, all Americans, not only Muslims'
--Agence France-Presse

Shop owner: Hasan didn't want to fight Muslims
Says his regular customer was opposed to upcoming deployment

Muslim vets group: No reports of harassment
Killer's aunt said he wanted out of Army because of anti-Muslim bullying
--Fox News

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Israel, Palestinian Authority probing Texas shooter
Nidal Hasan's family comes from Arab village just outside Jerusalem

Soldiers heard 'Allahu Akbar' before slaughter
Shooter 'opened up on everybody' after declaration of Islamic supremacy

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