Monday, July 14, 2008

Lions and Tigers, Oh MY!

This last weekend we took a couple of grandkids to Big Cats of Serenity Springs, a refuge and home to about 105 big cats. We are talking leopards, cougars, and lots of lions and tigers. Right now there are more tigers in the United States than in the rest of the world combined. This is one of those places that every person in the Colorado Springs area should visit, to see the work that these people do, and help out with the cost of feeding the animals.

Most of these animals were rescued from people who had them as pets, or other animal facilities that were abusing them. Some came from Hollywood animal trainers, and a lot came from animal facilities in Oregon; but many came from people's homes. Evidently there is a large subculture that think it's cool to smuggle in a leopard or tiger to have as pets. The worst offenders are the illegal drug importers, and hip-hop millionaires, who haven't a clue how to take care of them after they are no longer kittens. 

One beautiful spotted leopard named Anthony was owned by a lady in Las Vegas, who kept him in a cage inside of her house. She had a stupid friend who stuck her hand inside the cage to pet Anthony, and he bit her finger off. Instead of taking her finger to the hospital to try and have the finger sewn back on like a sane person would do, she decided to go to her local Wendy's and put the finger in a bowl of chili, so she could then sue. I think we've all heard this story when it happened, but now you know how it began. The owner got rid of the leopard as soon as she heard what her friend was up to.

Another white tiger was once owned by Mike Tyson, who enjoyed getting into the cage with it and practice boxing on the cat. So, one day, Mike of course gets into the cage and boxes with his pet tiger. The tiger gets tired of this dude faking him out, and tackles Michael to the ground, and holds him down by putting his head in its jaws. He hold Mike there for over four hours until the trainer arrived. Hold very still... I asked if it was possible to buy extra portions for this guy.

I strongly suggest leaving children under the age of five years old at home. We took a four year old boy, who felt uncomfortable because many of the cats immediately started stalking him when they saw him. Since many people are incredibly lax in monitoring their children in public, it's best not to push the river, especially near Anthony's enclosure...

- yiquan


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