Tuesday, July 1, 2008

James Dobson is Afraid of a Black Man...

Recently, our most famous religious local personality, James Dobson, gained national attention for attacking Barack Obama's comments made in a speech two years ago. It's painfully obvious that Mr. Dobson is thin skinned and has festered over the throwaway remark until he could come up with a childish response. Or, he just chose the speech for what seemed an easy, cheap shot...

 Mr. Dobson touts himself as a child psychologist, even though he never has had a practice or has gotten a licence to practice in California or Colorado, or anywhere in the United States. He also has had no formal religious training but has grown a multi-million dollar empire dispensing advice as a psychologist in an evangelical setting, especially from his bookstore here in town and through his website Focus on the Family

I have read James Dobson every Sunday in the Colorado Springs Gazette, where he sponsors a short question and answer format that takes up a quarter of a page. He actually gives very good, common sense type of advice, is low key and not preachy. He lives modestly with his wife, and looks like an old, chubby Mr. Rogers. So, I guess his desire to influence political and policy decisions is his dark side. The side that had influence with the Bush administration for the last 8 years, and was indirectly responsible for how screwed up our nation has become in domestic and foreign policy. Perhaps Mr. Dobson's lashing out has more to do with his waning influence and feeling frustrated and impotent than anything Mr. Obama said two years ago, proving how addictive power really is. I wonder if he can go cold turkey, or will he find other ways to get his fix?

Bumper Sticker: If you want a Nation Ruled by Religion, Move to Iran

- yiquan

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