Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lamborn for Congress

I just got my first piece of political mail and it was from Doug Lamborn. This means that I will vote for him in the primary in August.

Sure, I'm not impressed with him, he's an unthinking party hack, and he's wisely avoiding debates with the other candidates. No fun there... But I haven't changed my opinions on his challengers, whom I am even less impressed with than Doug. The situation is similar to LBJ's famous comment on Somoza: He may be a sonovabich but he's our sonovabitch!

I feel that the voting process has become corrupted by people hacking into the technology, and the Republican Party needs to rebuild itself away from right wing extremism and back to a more honest and transparent way of presenting itself. The current presidential campaign is embarrassing with the same old hacks creating hit pieces against Mr. Obama. And yes, the Democratic Party needs the same kind of rebuilding. As long as our representatives are allowed to add pork to bills, get wined and dined by lobbyists, go on fact finding missions abroad without making reports to their constituents, voting on their own salaries, creating bills without sunset clauses, and not accepting term limits; then we can expect the same old, same old from those we elect.

Poor John McCain just isn't the man he was a few years ago, his mental gaffes may be from not remembering all of the scripting he now has to do, or it could be a sign of aging and oncoming Alzheimer's. We already had that with poor Ronald Reagan, how painful it was to watch his last couple of years and the efforts that went to hide it from us. My most paranoid theory is that the VP selected to run with John will be the real person the party hacks want, and that once in office, John McCain will die off... unless the choice is Dick Cheney, and then he will be content to rule and pull the strings like he has been doing for the past 8 years.

- yiquan

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