Sunday, April 11, 2010

Iran To Lodge Complaint Against US in UN,

Frank Rich
Josh Rogin
John Lundberg

"Do you remember Obama saying after the health care bill was signed into law, 'Hey, the earth is not opening up, the birds are chirping, the sky's blue'? Well, I think the earth just opened up and swallowed Bart Stupak." - Rush Limbaugh
"I beg you, look for the words 'social justice' or 'economic justice' on your church website. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice are code words [for Communism and Nazism]. Am I advising people to leave their church? Yes!" - Glenn Beck
Haiku response to Glenn Beck:
Do you have to check
your church website for justice
to know that it's there?

Why does Glenn exist?
Even the Body of Christ
has to have an ass

It should be obvious by now that the contentious aspect of the tea party challenges in this upcoming election has caused many incumbent Congressmen to drop out or retire. The usual excuse is that they have decided to spend more time with their family, but the prospect of an ugly campaign, with mean, personal attacks launched at them, has more to do with it. I certainly wouldn't be comfortable with Sarah Palin coming to my district and saying snarky things about me, god knows what she would say if I were on her vindictive list, as she evidently never forgives, and never forgets...

More foolishness coming out of Iran today: "Iran will lodge a complaint with the United Nations about what it sees as U.S. President Barack Obama's threat to attack it with nuclear weapons." Their logic is that the nations who possess nuclear weapons are the ones who pose an actual threat to the rest of the world. OK, they have a point. But it makes us really uncomfortable when countries who have an institutional paranoia about the US obtains a nuclear weapon. Like North Korea. Then there would be two countries to form an axis of evil, looking for another one to complete the base. Who else out there hates our guts?

To be honest, being an ally of the US is like dancing on a double-edged sword, We have foreign policy goals that shift every four years, and can abandon you all too easily. After the bribe money and aid dries up, then where will you be? Or, if you accept our aid, get used to buying a few jets and can afford that Mercedes you always wanted, the next thing you know we are asking to build an airforce base or have you chase down and turn over some American guy that we just put on some death list that the President keeps in his back pocket... Life would be so much simpler if you could only host a Tiger Woods golf tournament or let Lady Gaga perform in front of some sacred shrine...
"In reading the guest list for the big deal nuclear summit this week in Washington, I guess somebody forgot to invite North Korea and Iran. Doesn't matter though because I'm sure they'll gladly and voluntarily abide by the warm and fuzzy resolutions that will be produced." - Tom Korologos
Today I really am pretty grumpy. I am finding that in so many little ways that Barack Obama is letting me down. Perhaps its because I had such high expectations that not only could he walk on water, but he could float above the cesspool that is Washington.  Rand Paul may be getting a lot of flack for wanting to get rid of certain government departments like Education and Commerce, but he doesn't go far enough. We really need to through out the whole infrastructure and rebuild it, questioning each stick we add to the pile if we need it or not. Personally, I think it was a mistake to create the Department of Homeland Security. It's a dumb name and not needed. It invokes metaphors of how Nazi Germany referred to itself and is more related to the conspiracies of the New World Order than anything that Dan Brown has written. All of the hysteria that Obama has a socialist agenda and is seeking vast powers over you is all smoke and mirrors. In reality, it was the Bush administration that has closer ties to the lizards who seek domination over your life, and it's the right wing that has closer ties to the soulless corporate groups who would influence legislation to those ends. They see the tea party as puppets to manipulate under the guise of patriotism, and will use them if they get elected to take away more of your freedoms and liberty while trying to convince you they are doing the opposite... Got all that? Fight against extremism in all its forms, and never let the bastards get you down. Time to make another cup of coffee, maybe that will help...

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