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McCarthyism Iranian Style, the Silvio Lining, Secrets from the Colorado Forests

William Cohan
Joe Conason
Erich Follath

"Fox News host Glenn Beck has lost over 30 sponsors since he called President Obama a racist. And the latest sponsor that he just lost is Clorox bleach. That's amazing. Even a company whose sole purpose is to make things whiter thinks Glenn Beck has gone too far." --Conan O'Brien

"The greatest tribute would be that every American would get the same health care options that Ted Kennedy got. Tedcare for all, forever." - Rush Limbaugh

Iranian style McCarthyism...
The situation in Iran is almost as fascinating as the political smearing going on in the US, but it takes place behind the facade of religion. Just this morning the flurry of back biting as reported in the NY Times is: "On Wednesday, aides to Iran’s president lashed out publicly at two former presidents, the nation’s most influential dissident cleric said government officials had taken a “deviant path” and a government-aligned Web site reported that the Tehran prosecutor had been fired." And if that's more than a mouthful, over a hundred protesters are still being tried on tenuous charges. One of the accusations has been that many of those who have been taking to the street were agents of foreign countries, much like our own political witch-hunts from the '50's... Now the BBC is reporting that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomemei (I'm sorry, but that title always makes me think of a supreme burrito from Taco Bell. The other similarity is that he also makes his people want to run for the border...) is now saying that: "he has seen no proof that opposition leaders blamed for the post-election unrest were agents of foreign powers.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's comments contradict accusations which have frequently been made by hardliners."
Besides the schizophrenic nature of Iran's leadership, this does resemble the McCarthy type hearings from the 1950's with a tad 1960's anti-government protesting thrown in, which demonstrates (sic) that they are about 30 - 40 years behind the curve on the social evolutionary scale. I can't wait until Ahmadinejad is asked to provide his birth certificate and the claims that he was really born in New Jersey... maybe Orly Taitz will then move to Iran.

Is there a Silvio lining in all this mess?
So what might have happened if a John Ensign or Mark Sanford had run for president and won? We'd have a hypocritical, sexist situation much like what is going on in Italy. Of course, Silvio Berlesconi is much worse, with his old-style European paternalism, blatantly courting 15 year old girls, putting showgirls in his cabinet, and publicly embarrassing his wife so much that she is divorcing him and has written a book lambasting his attitudes. Like John and Mark, he is unrepentent as males everywhere snicker and wish for his wealth and swagger. Italian women are getting pissed off at him but also blame ingrained behavior: "Why have Italians put up with all this? Compared to those in other European countries, conservative ideas in Italy die hard, in part because of our famously patriarchal culture but also because of the huge influence of the Roman Catholic Church, whose political and social interference in public affairs seems to have become even stronger since Mr. Berlusconi first became prime minister in 1994. (The church, for example, has threatened to excommunicate doctors who prescribe the abortion pill as well as patients who use it.)

Furthermore, Italy’s glass ceiling has proved to be more resistant than it is elsewhere in Europe... It is no surprise, then, that many Italian women are unwilling to take on an additional burden of raising children. As a result, the country has an extraordinarily low birthrate"
I'm waiting for the next reality show, The Silvio Lining, airing on the Playboy Channel this Fall...

John and Mark are similarly unrepentant. Even though they publicly made holier-than-thou speeches lambasting other people's sexual deviance while diddling on the side themselves, neither has had the courage to own up to their actions and resign from their political posts. Could it be because they are members of a secret, power hungry evangelical cult and its perverted form of Christianity says that they are the privileged few who deserve to keep on keeping on violating their morals and the public be damned? Just shows the truism of that age old refrain: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This weekend Mark Sanford may be impeached by his own party, the GOP. He think he's being railroaded and has a bright future ahead of him...

Oh, he can find a pot farm before it starts to blaze...
One of the big headline stories in today's Denver Post is about international drug cartels growing marijuana in Colorado's national forests: "Authorities have seized nearly 20,000 marijuana plants from national forest land in Colorado this summer, part of an apparent expansion of growing operations funded and run by international drug cartels.

The operations pose a significant safety hazard to hikers who may happen upon the armed farmers in the woods. They also threaten streams that can be polluted by chemicals used to grow marijuana. "
I don't know if it's funny or sad that it has taken these nimrods so long to figure this out. Similar operations have been going on in California for years, a documentary about it was made for the History Channel, and our law enforcement didn't have a clue until now? In fact, every National Forest area from here to Florida probably has the same kind of pot farms guarded by illegal marijuanistas who only speak Spanish, and it may take several years more for the feds to connect the dots. Talk about second-hand smoke... There's been generations of pot farmers in the Smoky Mountains and the Ozarks, hand in hand with the old moonshine tradition, but our domestic farmrs may not be touched because its homgrown made in America... Anyway, I hope that the authorities donated the confiscated plants to medical marijuana dispensaries instead of destroying them...

We have more to worry about than marijuana. Just like crack cocaine invaded the US from south of our borders, a newer, cheaper, and much more addicting alternative to cocaine called paco may be imported. It already has creeped up from Argentina, where it was introduced in 2003, and has decimated the younger population...

late night jokes:

"Meteorologists are now saying Hurricane Bill has been downgraded to a tropical depression. They say Bill officially hit the depression stage after a surprise run-in with Hurricane Hillary." --Conan O'Brien

"Speaking of former President Clinton, this is weird. Former President Clinton recently had to clear out of his office for a few days because it's infested with bed bugs. Experts are calling it the 500th reason President Clinton shouldn't be allowed to have a bed in his office." --Conan O'Brien

"There's talk that the elections last week in Afghanistan were rigged. Boy, I didn't see that coming." --David Letterman

"Couple of years ago down in Cuba, Fidel Castro they thought, oh, he might be dying because he had some kind of surgery and he is an older fellow, in is 80s. But now, over the weekend, it's all Fidel Castro. He is everywhere. And he was on television. He looked fit. He looked healthy. He looked happy. He was so impressive, as a matter of fact, CIA is actually thinking of sending Squeaky Fromme down there to take a shot at him." --David Letterman

"But President Obama says he's going to play golf, he's going to swim, and he's going to work his way through the Julia Child cookbook." --David Letterman

"But Obama is spending the week at a $30,000 dollar-a-week beach house. And they call this guy a socialist? Come on!" --David Letterman

"But Obama is going to take two weeks to unwind, as opposed to President Bush, who never wound." --David Letterman

"Miss Venezuela is our new Miss Universe, ladies and gentlemen. Beautiful, beautiful. She came out dressed as a barrel of overpriced oil." --David Letterman

"But the Miss Universe pageant is fascinating. It's judged on poise -- you have to have poise -- judged on beauty, and also how you walk in high heels. What a coincidence, it's also how the Republicans pick a vice presidential candidate. The same criteria." --David Letterman

David Letterman's Top Ten Signs President Obama Needs A Vacation

10. Last week's radio address was ten minutes of snoring.
9. Switched from beer summits to tequila summits.
8. Asked CIA director what we're doing about terrorist organization "Al-Pacino."
7. Staffers often find him on White House roof meowing like a kitty.
6. Announced he's sending an elite military unit to kill Hitler.
5. Lately, he's been fist-bumping staffers in the face.
4. Asked for the number of Rush Limbaugh's OxyContin guy.
3. Called Bush for advice on sneaking naps during intelligence briefings.
2. Been babbling nonsense about government death panels -- wait, that's a sign Sarah Palin needs a vacation.
1. Barely has the energy to smoke

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