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Abbas Corrupt?, My Theory on Murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Ali Younes
James Carroll
David Kenner

"Many people participate in the movement on the Internet, but the majority of them don't go to the street." - Amr Choubaki, Egyptian Analyst

With the recent sex scandal of one of his aides, the focus and pressure has been put on the Fatah top dog, Mahmoud Abbas. Many more complaints over his style of leadership, which follows on the corrupt template that Yasser Arafat created. From the op ed link above by Amr Younes: "In the much more stable Arab states, corruption is done like secret Mafia scams. Theft of public funds is systematic and much more organized. People in power and their families tend to skim their desired shares of state’s oil revenues or their shares of state’s natural resources right off the top and in most cases leaving their people in abject poverty.

The late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat used corruption as a tool to manage and control his chaotic Palestinian Authority, PA, and thus bred corruption as a way of life and a method of governance in the PA. President Mahmoud Abbas is no different according to many complaints against him by Palestinian intellectuals.

Furthermore, the manner of which the charges of corruption and sexual harassment were revealed on an Israeli TV station resulted in a public revulsion against the PA and its officials. Many commentaries in Arab press described the PA is a decaying corps that it is better off buried to save the people its stench."

Interestingly enough, although in public Mr Abbas is digging in his heels over going to the negotiating table with Israel, another scandal-free aide has said that talks have been continuing through third-party intermediaries. Hamas has released a statement advising the US to butt out of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, but if Fatah and Hamas would stop issuing petty preconditions for meeting and actually man up and actually start negotiating, they would gain a lot of respect from Palestinians who are bone weary of all of this bullshit.

Yes, Israel has been two-faced, agreeing to one precondition and then ignoring it or taking partial action, made to thumb Palestinians in the eye, but the general consensus in Israel accepting a Palestinian state has come a long way from their previous stance, and negotiators would be fools to ignore it while it is out in the open. Despite the constant border skirmishes, murders in Dubai, and various protests, right now is the best window of opportunity for success. There is more communication between Arab states than there ever has been, and for years there has been the Saudi blueprint for a Palestinian negotiated state and peace. Why must Mr Abbas continue putting off negotiations just so he can continue his lavish lifestyle skimming money from US aid and the sweat of thousands of poor people who have put their faith in his hands?

I have become obssessed with the murder in Dubai of the Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. I'm disappointed that the Dubai authorities haven't asked me to write the story, it has generated so much international attention that it would be certain to be a bestseller. Maybe I could even get to stay in the hotel where the assassination took place, I'm sure that there are plenty of empty rooms...

The Dubai police released  phone records and credit card transcripts from the alleged assassins, saying this proves that they were Mossad agents but not providing the actual link that proves this claim. They have two Palestinians in custody that were helping, and Both Fatah and Hamas are pointing fingers and saying they belong to the other group. Hamas is also claiming that Mr Mabhouth made his hotel reservations and plane tickets over the Internet, which, as we all know, any sixth grader can hack into.

The spin being published in Israel now is that the hit was done by the Mossad, that it was successful, and that who knew the Dubai police were so good? Why, we expected them to behave like some bumbling stereotype out of the movie Casablanca, not to have the roles reversed and have our guys look stupid as they walk by and smile up at the surveillance cameras... And Mahmoud al-Mabhouh deserved to die, he had bloody hands, responsible for killing Israeli soldiers and smuggling missiles in from Iran. What's the difference of smothering your enemy with a comfy pillow and killing with missiles from a remote-controlled drone, you smug, hypocritical, bleeding-heart liberal?

Ouch, says this bleeding-heart moderate.

Here's my latest theory, which will have changed by tomorrow as the plot thickens. This, of course, was an international effort, began by an element within Mossad but not sanctioned by the top officials. It's very possible that top officials in Hamas are involved, providing the itinerary and vanishing his bodyguards, among other things. The passports were obtained in Great Britain by members of the IRA who were hired to be part of the squad, because it's easier to hack into Britain's computers than Israel's. The Israeli element involved are right wing hardcore who are not too smart, and related to the Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who was a hired thug when he lived in Russia. One of the purposes was to embarrass the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was previously associated with a botched assassination attempt on the Hamas leader, which provides a revenge factor for Hamas being involved.
The people involved will eventually be found because their pictures are plastered everywhere, the current game is to find them and find out what countries they are hiding in, a Mormon ranch in Colorado or working at a restaurant in Argentina...

I will now give space to my friend, the Angry Arab, the chase is afoot Watson! "I watched carefully the video footage of the dumb Israeli terrorists in Dubai. I don't want to play Sherlock Holmes, but notice the segment when the Hotel employee is escorting Mabhuh to his hotel room. At one point, she looks behind her and spotted clearly the two dumb Israeli terrorists. But instead of stopping to let them pass, she continued to walk thereby allowing the dumb Israeli terrorists to spot the hotel room of Mabhuh. I dont know what this means but it could mean something."

Hi. I am a top secret Mossad agent. I traveled to Dubai under the name of Gail Folliard. Now my true name is Erika Maria Chambers. But no one--I mean, no one--is supposed to know my real name. I am super secret.

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