Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good-bye Republican Party

I've just read a couple opinion pieces that the Republican strategy wasn't to win the Vice Presidential debate, but to position Sarah Palin for the next election in 2012. With John McCain pulling his campaign out of Michigan, it looks like they are conceding the race unless some economic miracle happens within the next month.

It also looks as if very few House Republicans will win a seat, except in places like El Paso County, Colorado, where the odds of a Democrat winning are still 50 to 1. Now that right-wing ideology has proven to not work in the real world, and we are hearing the screaming, gnashing, and hate-filled blog entries from a beast in its death throes, will the Grand Old Party have the guts and determination to rebuild itself? Or will it retire to a darkened corner in a musty, old parlor, spending its last, bitter days sitting in front of an empty fireplace, muttering "horseshit," and " damned left-wing donkeys...?"

It will take enlisting the help and energy of the younger generations, grafting ideals that they hold dear, and running campaigns based on truth, not on dirty tricks and attack tactics. Reasoning with the electorate, not trying to manipulate them with fear based strategies. The Republican Party has never cared for working people, and used patriotism in a jingoistic fashion. Which is a shame, because it was founded on providing equality for all people, as an anti-slavery, anti-corruption party, electing as its first President, Abraham Lincoln. There have been other attempts at revitalizing the GOP, but each time it devolved into corruption and immorality itself, right Newt Gingrich?

We need more than a two party system. It will be interesting to see what develops to fill the vacuum. And like the old Irish joke goes, I'll have a few good drinks in your memory while standing over your grave; you don't mind if I filter them through me, first?

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