Monday, June 9, 2008

The Joys of Politics

This has been a fun year for politics, more people have gotten involved and shared opinions than perhaps ever before. The contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was a passionate roller coaster race, and it looks like Mr. Obama will become our next President.

I certainly hope that changes will be made, especially in the process of how we currently practice politics. I have a few suggestions that I think should take place, at the risk of sounding like a Libertarian:

1) It will be legal to shoot and kill all lobbyists, with the cost of the bullet to be billed to the special interest group they represent. Any representative that adds pork to a bill immediately forfeits their seat in Congress and will be replaced.
2) All laws passed will have a sunset clause, the bill will end in 20 years. Every year Congress creates and passes new laws and every year our legal system grows more confusing at an alarming pace. But society is constantly changing and often grows past the need for what was originally intended by those laws. A sunset clause would allow us to re-examine the need for each law, toss it if it no longer works, or modify it to meet the current needs.

3) We can get rid of the money in politics by having participatory democracy. On election day we have a lottery among registered party members. If your name comes up, you get to go to Congress. Or you get to become governor or mayor, one term only. Having regular people involved is better than career politicians, most of whom are vain and stupid people. This way more people are involved, more people get educated about the process, there will no longer be a need for political machines except for President, and I think we will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

4) If you are a policeman, you must spend one weekend per year in jail. If you are a judge, you must spend one week. It's a learning process each individual should go through so we can start a good dialogue on how to change our legal and penal system, and our representatives of that system need a constant reminder.

So, these four for a start... When I moved here to Colorado Springs I decided to register as a Republican. I'm still liberal on some issues, and conservative on others, but I enjoy researching all sides to an issue before I make up my mind. To date, nobody from the local Party has contacted me to invite me to any Party activities, and I was working when the local Caucasus were held.


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